Getting Around


The most common (and cheapest) form of transport is to take one of the hundreds of mini-buses, but without an official route map you may find yourself scratching your head about how they work. Below is my easy 5-step guide to the Guyanese public transport system!

#1: All mini-buses have a number on the front of them – that number corresponds to a specific route to/from Stabroek Market in Georgetown.


See table below:

# Area Served
21 Charity/Supernaam
31 Patentia
32 Parika
33 Leguan
40 Kitty/Campbellville
41 South Ruimveldt
42 Timehri/Cheddi Jagan Int Airport
43 Linden
44 Mahaica
45 Central Georgetown
46 Lodge
47 East & West Ruimveldt
48 Sophia
50 Rosignol
56 Rosignol/New Amsterdam
63 Corentyne
72 Mahdia
73 Bartica
94 Lethem

#2: Once you know your route, the next thing is to confirm exactly where along the route you need to go. There are designated bus stops, but most minibuses will stop anywhere on their route. Speak to the tout or the bus conductor – tell him where you need to go, and confirm fare, remember – you pay when you arrive at your destination.

The fares are well-regulated and generally standard, examples are shown below:

Sample fares
Within Georgetown – G$100
Georgetown to Diamond – G$180
Georgetown to Timehri – G$300
Georgetown to Linden – G$1000

#3: Buses tend to be packed during peak hours – they are not meant to carry more than 15 people but don’t be surprised if there are 17 others with you during busy periods!

#4: The majority of routes run 24/7 but there is a reduced service on Sundays, public Holidays and they are less frequent between midnight and 6am.

#5: Finally, whilst the minibuses are the cheapest form of transport, it may not be for the feint-hearted. They tend to go pretty fast, have ear-splitting music pumping out the speakers and don’t even bother looking for a seatbelt unless you are in the front seat!


If you prefer more comfort and privacy, you can get in touch with one of the many taxi firms that operate in the City, and surrounding area. This will cost you more, but a fare within Georgetown shouldn’t cost more than G$600 (US$3)

There are many services but we recommend:

Elite Rides
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See here for Taxi safety tips!